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Our Mission

What is

Direct Primary Care (DPC)

The DPC model was created to address some of the most concerning problems within the healthcare system. People are paying more and more for health insurance and getting much less for their dollar. In contrast, DPC puts you in charge of your own spending. Instead of paying by the visit, a monthly fee covers unlimited visits with guaranteed same-day service. 

Direct Primary Care also allows for patient-centered care. With your membership, you will receive unrivaled accessibility to the office along with unlimited access to your doctor and low cost medications and labs.  For those of you who do have insurance, you may still use your insurance for everything except your membership.

This new type of care is ideal for those with no insurance or a high deductible and for those who wish to keep their medical records confidential as no insurance or other third party has access to these records.


Our mission is to provide the best comprehensive care to a limited amount of members.  We keep the membership numbers capped so we never sacrifice quality.  You will never be rushed or left wondering what the plan of care will be for you.

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